Jimin is the warmest celebrity, what is it like to meet him in person?

BTS’s Jimin is emerging among the Korean celebrities with the best personality, the warmth of the singer brought a great surprise to those who met him on his journey.

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Like all the members of the band BTS, Jimin He is currently enjoying his free time as part of the group’s extended break, there have been few updates that the singer has given on his activities, but each one has been valuable.

The singer shared photographs of his trip a Jeju Y ARMY He showed his joy to see him enjoy a break after working so hard, although the fandom is happy to see him have fun, this idol captivates even when he is not in the spotlight and it is all thanks to his way of being.

After the visit of the singer of Filter to the Korean island, little by little details about the details he visited came to light, but not only through the photos of Park Jimin but also for the good comments it received from the tenants in the area.

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BTS: Jimin wowed even restaurant workers

It was recently revealed that this artist from BigHit He visited a restaurant where he left his autograph as a souvenir for the place, this business shared the photograph of the signature and a message for the idol describing that they will always be cheering him on.

The story of his visit was also published on the Internet and the staff of the place said they felt very comfortable with his visit, but they also launched a series of compliments to his personality, noting that he has the personality warmest among celebrities. OMG! What did they say?

Jimin from BTS on a trip. | Source: Instagram @jimin

BTS’s Jimin has the best personality in Korean entertainment

Something that stood out in the anecdote was the way the staff perceived Jimin’s way of being, as the workers were even moved by the boy’s attitude.

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Apparently this is a place that is frequently visited by celebrities who visit Jeju when they arrive on the island, so the staff has met many famous people on many occasions.

Despite this, Park Jimin left a very good impression, as they revealed that among all the celebrities, he has been the kindest, considerate and polite, so he gave them a warmth and good vibe that is not always easy to find. AWW!

Learn more about Jimin’s adventures in Jeju, the idol got a valuable thank you and a beautiful reward after his visit.

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