Jimin appears in Eternals making his cameo in the form of a photocard

Did you see Jimin in the Marvel movie ‘The Eternals’? The BTS member was not only part of the soundtrack, he also had a very special cameo in the form of a photocard.

BTS has reached the cinema thanks to his participation in soundtracks for different films, Jimin Y V shone in Marvel with the song ‘Friends’ that he appreciated in the movie ‘Eternals’ of this franchise that belongs to Disney; the director of the film chose the perfect song for an entire scene.

ARMY could not miss ‘The Eternals’ and Bangtan was a great reason to go to the movies and enjoy great superhero adventures, but also to listen to their favorite idols in the who; fans surely enjoyed Jimin and Taehyung in this film production.

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But if ARMY paid close attention to detail, he realized that Park Jimin It was not only part of the soundtrack in ‘Eternals’ and the artist had a more than special appearance in a part of the film that can only be found with a magnifying glass.

How did Jimin do his cameo en ‘The Eternals’? ARMY found something very curious in one of the scenes of this great Marvel movie.

Jimin from BTS makes his cameo in Eternals with one of his photocards

In a scene from Marvel’s ‘The Eternals’, we can see that there is a photocard de Jimin stuck on the wall, this is the one that was included in the ARMY Bombo version 3, that’s how he did his little cameo in the movie where BTS fans could find him.

The photocard that appears in a scene from Marvel’s Eternals | Twitter: @thejiminpost

But not only Jimin appears in the film, all the members of Bangtan Sonyeondan are on that wall, there are many photos of the idols that we can see in the same scene.

BTS in the scene of The Eternals | Twitter: @thejiminpost

Did you notice this little nod to ARMY in the movie The Eternals? Without a doubt, it is very nice to find ourselves with this type of detail in the cinema.

Jimin also appears in the credits of The Eternals

The name of Park Jimin also appears in credits from ‘The Eternals’ because he participated in the lyrics for ‘Friends’ and in the section of the soundtrack the name of the Bangtan idol is seen.

Jimin in the credits of The Eternals | Twitter: @BTSPublicity

ARMY paid a lot of attention to the movie where Jimin and V participated as part of the soundtrack, the cinema was filled with BTS fans who really enjoyed this film.

In others bts news and also from Jimin, the idol will have a special place on Jeju Island in Korea that every fan will want to visit.

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