Jimena Barón traveled to Europe for an unexpected job proposal

Jimena Baron He finished a great 2021 that included his participation in “ShowMatch: The Academy” as a jury and the continuation of his successful musical career. After a few weeks of rest with his loved ones, He left the country and a new work project awaits him in Europe, precisely from the competition of El Trece.

As reported the Pavada from Daily Chronicle, the former partner of Daniel Osvaldo is already in Spain with Momo, his son, as a result of the proposal to participate in the current season of “Around the world”, the cycle that Marley drives on Telefe. So far, the charismatic presenter has been seen at the head of the broadcasts in all episodes, but this will change in the coming days.

As a result of the imminent exit of reality “Marley and Mirko” by Paramount Plus, next Sunday he will return to the country to begin the promotion of the project that has him and his son as the protagonist. This means that the conduction of the travel program will be in the hands of Lizy Tagliani, who has also returned to Argentina but they have a lot of material already recorded.

Next week the driver will be seen at the head of the cycle in what will be the tour of France, after spending long days in Spain. For its part, Jimena Barón has already recorded some scenes with Marley which will be seen in the last episodes of January. Like little, the singer will be in charge of the tour of Portugal while the presenter finishes his tasks in Argentina.

Jimena Barón joins “Por El Mundo”.

Seeking to reaffirm the signal’s commitment to both Lizy and Jimena, they renewed the work team and there are new faces behind the cameras on the new trips. Telefe sent the historic production companies to Europe to accompany both in the moments that will remain with the responsibility of “Around the world”.

Jimena Barón has already participated in other editions of “Por El Mundo”.

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