Jimena Barón recounted the unusual accident she had in her home bathroom: "People shit … microwaves?"

Since the beginning of his foray into social media, Jimena Baron He often entertains his more than 5.8 million followers with funny and exciting moments from his daily and professional life.

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The jury of “ShowMatch: The Academy“don’t skimp on it”filter“And he is not ashamed of what his content can go from a hot photo to a meme that many would not publish. For this very reason,”The Cobra“He surprised his fans with the unexpected accident that he experienced in the bathroom of his house.


On Wednesday morning, Barón had to have blood drawn in order to perform some routine tests and encouraged his fans to do them: “They drew blood from me, I did not pass out but I always feel distressed and feeling terrible. Annual checkups. Make yourselves“.

Minutes later, Jimena went to the bathroom to start her day but experienced a shocking moment that she recounted in her Instagram stories: “Guys, today I wake up asleep and completely traumatized because I had to draw blood. So, I had peed and I’m going to flush but first I wear my giant toothbrush to wash my face and it goes down the toilet“.

I mean, the brush is the size of a water heater and the chain is not stuck. How do you prepare the toilet spout? People what the fuck … microwave? Not a trace of my million-peso silt brush. The fluidity of my toilet … I’m coming back! “the singer expressed outrage at losing her cleaning tool.

Look at the outrageous moment that Jimena Barón lived in the bathroom of her house!

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