Jimena Barón, overcome by a complicated problem with her son Morrison: "Not business"

Jimena Baron She is always very active in social networks, whether it be training, cooking, fulfilling work obligations or simply hanging out with a funny photo or video. Without a doubt, his energy is inexhaustible, and it seems that his son Morrison, what did you have with your ex-partner Daniel Osvaldo, inherited the same quality.

Unfortunately for him, this attribute is precisely what is causing problems for him in living with his son. This is how the singer described it on her Twitter: “Morrison starts swimming, not so much for the fact that he does a sport and has a healthy life, but because I don’t smoke the energy levels it drives”. And in a funny tone, he added: Levels that are identical to mine, forgive everyone around me”.

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Jimena Barón’s son, Morrison, is 7 years old.

Anyway, it seems that the strategy did not work because last night while fulfilling his obligations in ShowMatch: The Academy, The actress uploaded a photo of the chat with the baby’s babysitter at midnight. “Your son is still awake”, said the message from the caregiver. The confusion of “La Cobra” was total, before the excess of energy of his son.

The message of Jimena Barón, before the energy of her son.

Today in the morning, the singer posted a new photo of her son at 7:30, upset that he slept little. “Swimming did not work, he is in a terrible mood because he slept five hours and after water he ate like a mammoth. It is not business”the singer wrote. Although this plan failed, surely we will soon know what the next idea of ​​the ballerina will be to level the levels of enthusiasm of the little one.

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