Jhabua News: Four accused of robbery arrested

Publish Date: | Fri, Sep 10 2021 12:39 AM (IST)

Ranapur (Naiduniya News) Out of the four accused of robbery in village Bhorkudiya of Ranapur police station, two arrested while two are still absconding. Giving this information, police station in-charge TS Davar said that on Monday evening, complainant Rajesh and his younger brother Pankesh were coming to their village after taking a loan of Rs 11,000 from Bhurla Bhagat of Rehanda village. Then in the middle of the way, on the main road near village Bhorkudiya temple, two persons came from behind in a gray Activa scooty and two people came from the front and stopped the complainant Rajesh’s motorcycle and together with the younger brother Pankesh, the purse in which 11 thousand rupees And robbed a mobile and fled.

The police registered a case and taking it as a challenge, a team was formed by forming a police team and was used in the incident by being an informer of the incident. The gray colored scooty was seen near Raju Changod, son of Ayush of Bhorkudiya. Police extracted detailed information about Ayush. On this, Ayush steals the bike by becoming a crook. The informer also told the police that the scooty was given to Virjan a few days ago. The police took both the accused into custody and after interrogating them, they confessed about the Bhorkudiya robbery and told that Bhorkudiya resident Sunil, along with son Vesta Changod and one other, told to commit the crime. On the spot of accused Ayush and Virjan, the amount of loot 11 thousand and mobile and scooty used in the incident were confiscated. Police station in-charge TS Davar also said that out of the four accused, two were arrested. Among them, Ayush’s son Raju is resident of Changod (18) Bhorkudiya and Virjan’s son is Magan Muvail resident (25) Khandala police station, Udaigarh district, Alirajpur. While two accused are absconding. Sunil’s son Vesta is a friend of Bhorkudiya, a resident of Changod and a Sunil.

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