Jhabua News: Ashta Vinayak God is enshrined in eight forms

Jhabua (Representative of New Zealand). There are four major temples of Ganapati ji in the city. Each temple has its own specialty. The idol of Siddha Vinayak, who was enshrined in the Jagdish temple located on College Marg, came out during the cleaning of the stepwell. The king was going to Mahendra with the said idol, but the bullock cart stopped at Jagdish temple. The king installed the idol in the Jagdish temple itself. Along with this, Nigarvaganeshwar Ashta Vinayak Bhagwan is enshrined in eight forms near Rajgarh Naka. Chintamani Ganesh was established at Thandla Gate along with Riddhi-Siddhi Mataji to allay the worries of every devotee. Every day there is an influx of devotees. Srivaradmukhi Panchmukhi is enshrined at the electrical office near the bus stand. There are also special rituals here.

200 year old idol

Jagdish Panda, the priest of Jagdish Temple on College Marg, told that the idol of Ganesh ji, who is enshrined in the temple, is about 200 years old. The then king of Jhabua got this idol during the cleaning of Haribai’s stepwell. The king was taking this idol to the palace to be installed. But the bullock cart did not move forward as soon as it came close to the Jagdish temple. At the behest of the elders, the king established Lord Srisiddha Vinayak in the Jagdish temple itself. Since then the Lord has resided here. Here during the Ganesh festival, there will be consecration of the Lord in the morning, then makeup and aarti in the evening.

Nigarvaganeshwar Ashta Vinayak is enshrined in eight forms

Lord Nigarvaganeshwar Ashta Vinayak was established in the year 2003 on the power house grid near Rajgarh Naka. Idols of eight forms of the Lord have also been installed here. Priest Durgesh Pandey told that Lord Nigarvganeshwar Ashta Vinayak is enshrined here in eight forms. Devotees come from far and wide for darshan. From Ganesh Chaturthi, special makeup of God is done here for 10 days. There are other events as well.

Every worry is taken by Chintamani

It was established near Thandla Gate in the year 2005 along with Riddhi-Siddhi, the mother of Lord Shri Chintaman Ganesh ji. Due to being in the middle of the market, there is an influx of devotees here. Temple priest Manoj Kumar Sarolkar told that for 10 days from Friday, the Lord will be adorned daily and in the evening aarti will be done with five plates. Aarti will be held on Wednesday with 21 thalis. Laddus of 51 kg will also be enjoyed.

Importance of being Panchmukhi

Shrivaradamurthy Panchmukhi Ganesh ji was established in the year 2002 at the power office near the bus stand. Since then, events are being organized here on Ganesh Chaturthi. Nandu Bhai of the company told that the importance of the temple is more because of the Panchmukhi idol. Special makeup of God will be done here for 10 days. There will also be other events.

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