Jey Mammón took the "Big Brother 2022" for this controversial discussion: the video

In the run-up to a new Elimination Galathe participants of “Big Brother 2022” continue with their routine in the rain: cooking, exercising, arguing and chatting. One of those talks, however, provoked the strong reaction of the driver of “The rock of the morphi”Jey Mammon.

Watch the moment when Jey Mammón takes “Big Brother 2022” off the air!

During the last broadcast of the driver’s program on the screen of phone, jey mammon and his team spied on the most famous house in the country to see what the little brothers were up to. Cameras in the house showed Marcos, Julieta, Agustín and Alfa talking in the garden, when the conversation turned to a subject of great controversy.

The little brothers were chatting about music when they named Michael Jacksona mention that led to a strong discussion about the allegations of child abuse that the artist hadembodied in the documentary Leaving Neverland of HBO.

“You know that I to Michael Jackson after I saw the documentary I can not see it the same. I dropped an idol. He was a child molester. He took them to his house and made them sleep with him.”triggered the conversation Juliet. Jumping to the defense of the “King of Pop”, Alpha he replied: “Be careful, there was a lot of unfounded information about Michael Jackson”.

Alpha is nominated for his inappropriate sexual comments towards Coti.

At the insistence of “Disney”, Alpha, who this week is on plaque for his questionable sexual comments towards Cotisaid: “He was a guy who was in need of affection and you don’t know if he had those children…”. “Listen to the documentaries and then we’ll talk”he replied Juliet.

“I listened to them and there is no testimony that reliably says that Michael Jackson abused a boy. There isn’t one! There isn’t one! I tell you for knowledge. I’m not her friendinsisted Alpha. “Well Alpha, I think otherwise, but I’m not going to argue. For me there is a lot of evidence, the parents themselves….”continued Julietbefore the transmission of the house was cut.

Jey Mammón asked to take the broadcast of “Big Brother 2022” off the air.

Back in the studio jey mammon explained the reason why he decided to cut the transmission of “Big Brother 2022”: “Let’s see, can you come here? Because the debate is not even for specialists… The discussion is good, but it is not for specialists. This is Big Brother and the subject is serious. Sorryhe assured.

“I want to explain to people that they are at home. So that they understand the context, I come from in there, I am listening to the audio of the Big Brother house. They are talking about a super serious topic. I just found out what they were talking about and they are not specialists in the subject. Alpha is talking about this and let’s talk about the Big Brother game.”finished the driver before presenting to Christian U to talk about the game inside the most famous house in the country.

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