Jey Mammón is leaving America: what plans does he have

Jey Mammón He would be about to return to the channel where he made his television debut. Facing the success that is “The Mammons” on America, the driver feels that his cycle is over and decided to go the other way. By showing that you have great sympathy and connection with your guests, you have offers from all over the place.

One of the many proposals he heard was from the channel Telefe, As reported “La Pavada”, by Chronicle Newspaper. There he had his first space on television with Flower of the V in your program, “The Pelu”, in 2012. There is still nothing signed between the figure and the company but soon we will be seeing it in another chain.

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This year he also had to prioritize one of his jobs and quit the other. With all the changes that he experienced “Metro 95.1” at the beginning of 2021, Jey had been offered one of the programs. He gladly accepted it but months later he had to leave it and decided to stay with television conduction.

Also, this was not the only change he made, but he also has a new representative, Javier Furgang. Faced with the mutation that his career had, this is his artistic best moment and he is seen enjoying it.

Jey Mammon with his companions in “Los Mammones”.

For the moment, “The Mammons” It does not have an end date, but the contract of the capocómico on Telefe is getting stronger every time.

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