Jewel in the streaming universe: "Causeway" – Jennifer Lawrence has never been so good

The film drama “Causeway” about a US soldier who was injured in action impresses with economy and calm. Rarely has it been possible to see actors at work so clearly. A film gem in the streaming universe!

US soldier Lindsay (Jennifer Lawrence) returns injured from Afghanistan. Finding her way back to everyday life is another struggle she has to face. When the young woman meets mechanic James (Brian Tyree Henry), they both have to decide how they want to shape the rest of their lives. Because James is also struggling with inner demons.

With her feature film debut, US director Lila Neugebauer has created a cinema gem that has almost been overlooked. “Causeway” is always at its strongest when it’s calm and the camera lingers on the nearly motionless faces of its leads.

A detailed review of “Causeway” by Ronny Rüsch and Axel Max – now in a new episode of the ntv podcast “Oscars & Raspberry”. Also present: the drama film “Belfast” by Kenneth Branagh, the Czech historical film “Medieval” and the comedy series “Blockbuster”.

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