Jesuíta Barbosa, after being caught on the beach with an affair, maintains a relationship with a photographer. Understand!

Jesuit Barbosa was caught last week, on a beach in Rio de Janeiro, to kisses with an affair. According to a source from purepeople, this is Cicero Ibeiroa designer who works with styling, art direction and production design and holds a master’s degree in design at a university in the capital of Rio de Janeiro.

However, according to the newspaper “Extra”, the actor of “Pantanal”, who during the recordings of the soap opera of nine also lived a relationship without labels with Alanis Guillen, interpreter of Juma Marruá, continues dating the photographer Fábio Audi.

The publication explains that Jesuíta and Fábio spent some time apart, with their relationship broken, but that at the end of July of this year they were seen in an atmosphere of romance in a bar in São Paulo. In this ocasion, the artist introduced Fábio to his friends as his boyfriend, showing that the romance was really strong. It turns out that the two live in an open relationship, which allows both of them to be with other peoplewithout commitment.

For this reason, Jesuit allowed himself to meet Cícero, at the end of April, on a dating app aimed at the gay public. Since then the two meet eventually.

Jesuit Barbosa declares himself bisexual and rejects labels

In an interview with Pedro Bial, Jesuíta Barbosa claimed to be bisexual. But to the magazine “GQ”, the artist defined himself more clearly: “They are phases of life. In that program it was a phase, now I’m quite straight”, he punctuated, making Anitta express her interest.

Soon after, however, the artist warned, bluntly: “But if I’m going to serve the community [LGBTQIA+], you can write there, please: ‘sou faggot’. I think, for example, the idea of ​​putting myself as a fag or straight is limiting, they are like two pre-defined boxes”.

Jesuit Barbosa highlights relationship with Alanis Guillen

The fans of Juma and Jove, in “Pantanal”, cheered all the time for a courtship of the artists, who always showed a lot of harmony on and off the screen. But that was discarded by the actress, who assured that they were not living a serious relationship. Jesuit then explained the relationship: “No [namoramos]. People flirt all the time. We love each other, we like each other.”

And he assured that at least the friendship will continue, even after the end of the soap opera. “I don’t ever want to let go”, melted the actor. “I don’t quit anymore either”, decreed Alanis.

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