Jessica Thivenin lynched by Internet users about her physique, she has a new cosmetic surgery operation

On these images that we unveiled to you right here, we can see Thibault Garcia very close to another woman … Enough to suggest that he could cheat Jessica Thivenin? Internet users were very numerous to react to this video, just as they like to follow the daily life of the small family on their social networks. Indeed, the star of the Marseillais is very active on Instagram and Snapchat, and shares the education of his children, his couple as well as his tips on the web. Jessica Thivenin is also very exposed to criticism from her detractors, who lynch her on the education she gives to her children as well as on her physique.

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Jessica Thivenin resurfaces her lips – Credit (s): Instagram jessicathivenin

Lately, the emblematic candidate of Marseillais retouched her cheekbones and lips, which has not escaped the keen eye of Internet users. Since, reality TV fans find the candidate’s face unrecognizable, and they criticize her for her physique more than ever… For her part, Jessica Thivenin has just announced that she was going to touch her lips again, and the writing of melty offers you to know more below!

On Snapchat, Jessica Thivenin confides: “I’m going to have a huge mouth, because she’s going to re-pigment it for me “… Which will swell her mouth even more at the start! The candidate also plans to remake her eyebrows and curl her eyelashes, in order to do all her beauty treatments at the same time. A new physical transformation that promises to react … The writing of melty also reveals here this detail that made Internet users react to this photo of Jessica Thivenin and Leewane.

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