Jessica heavily slammed for taking her daughter (4) hunting with her: ‘People say I’m raising an assassin, but I’m a good mother’

To say that the behavior of Jessica, 24, is controversial is an understatement. The young New Zealander has indeed made hunting her passion. But that’s not all. As a young mother, she proudly displays her daughter Lyla, who has accompanied her in the field for several months. And the little girl is only 4 years old…

Inevitably, Jessica has to face many unpleasant comments on social networks: “There are comments that say that my daughter is going to become a murderer,” she explained to the DailyStar. “But I am a good mother”.

The young woman regularly receives death threats. But that’s not what will stop her: “Being a full-time mother of two adorable little girls is something physically and mentally demanding,” she says. “For me, hunting is an opportunity to disconnect. It’s my way of clearing my mind to be the best mom I can be when I’m with my girls.”

Although she understands that not everyone shares her passion, she regrets the negative comments: “Everyone does what they like, and I like that”.

Bathed since she was very young in the middle, Jessica quickly wanted to share this moment with her 4-year-old daughter. According to her, hunting is not just about killing animals and the values ​​she conveys through this activity are much more numerous.

Jessica mainly hunts wild pigs, which are numerous in New Zealand.

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