Jéssica Antunes talks about the conversations with ‘Big Brother’ and confesses: “It calmed the heart…”

This Friday, November 18, Jéssica Antunes gave her followers the freedom to ask her questions through the stories of her personal Instagram account. At one point, the digital influencer was ‘confronted’ with questions about her stay in the “Big Brother” house.

During the Q&A session, an internet user questioned Jéssica Antunes about “Big Brother”: “Miss the confessionals with Big?”He asked.

The former contestant of the reality show was very homesick for “Big Brother” and confessed: “Many. It’s perhaps one of the things I miss the most. Conversations in the confessional were indeed very special, and that voice calmed the heart. I often went in crying and left smiling. Big has that power.” he wrote.

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