Jessica Antunes confesses about childbirth: “Isaac began to suffer…”

Jéssica Antunes and Rui Pedro Figueiredo became parents for the first time on January 6th, Three Kings’ Day, and since then they have enchanted the followers with the records of the first days with the baby in their arms.

The ex-competitor of “Big Brother” was answering the questions that fans asked her through social networks, and ended up describing in detail how the birth of little Isaac went.

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“In the delivery room was me, the midwife and Rui. We were going to start the birth. Very different from what I thought it was. I thought there would be a room full of doctors, nurses and assistants, as a result of my inexperience”, begins by describing Jessica Antunes, who later confesses that not everything went as planned.

“I started to do the force that the nurse asked me to do and, after about 20 minutes of constant force, she called another nurse who in turn called 2 doctors and assistants. During this period I was put on an oxygen mask and I took 2 pumps of ventilation. Rui had to leave the room and that’s when we realized that it wasn’t all right after all”, can be read.

The new mom reveals that her son suffered due to her effort, and that plans had to be changed quickly: “Isaac began to suffer from my expulsion effort and the scenario had to be changed quickly. And it was”, explains Jessica Antunes.

“I had an incredible team that in 5 minutes that felt like 5 hours, helped me get Isaac born. I don’t know where I got all that strength they asked me to do, but I managed! At 2.44pm Isaac was born. I was pale and unresponsive but the first skin-to-skin contact was the best feeling I’ve ever had in my life.” can still be read.

“I then went from the possibility of an induced birth to the almost certainty of a normal birth, which in the end turned out to be a dystocic suction cup delivery”, declared the former BB competitor.

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