Jessica Alves, from human Ken to Barbie after 90 operations and 1 million pounds: “My nose is ruined, if they touch it it will die”

Jessica Alvesformerly known as Rodrigo Alves “Human Ken”, has now become one Barbie. After 90 cosmetic surgeries she achieved the desired image. You mentioned it on the TV show This Morning revealing that he has spent 1 million pounds to achieve this, and now dreams of a child. “Of course I look like Barbie, but in my previous life I was nicknamed the human Ken for 10 years and lived with that nickname.”

But Jessica is still not 100% happy: “I feel 95% happy, I think I look good. I feel good and when I wake up I look in the mirror and say thank God every morning, thanks to my family ”. There would still be something to change in her, and it is her nose, but there is no mention of going back under the knife: “I had problems, if they touch it now it will die […] It is evident that my nose is ruined. I have undergone more than ten nose plastic surgeries, I have had problems. It was impossible to find a surgeon anywhere in the world who could really fix my nose, ”she said. If he did now touch it with a scalpel, he would risk losing it once and for all: “They say that if they touch my nose, it will turn black, die and collapse“.

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