“Jesse Stone” order: How to watch the police series correctly

The crime series based on the books by Robert B. Parker was not filmed completely chronologically. You can find out the correct order of “Jesse Stone” here. The protagonist of the crime series is the taciturn, reserved police officer Jesse Stone. The police chief of Paradise has suffered from an alcohol addiction since his divorce, but still investigates numerous crimes. The crime series has been captivating since 2005 with exciting cases and an interesting protagonist, played by the cult actor Tom Selleck. In the following article we will tell you in which order you should watch the “Jesse Stone” films. The numerous investigators of the “Tatort” series are better known to us than “Jesse Stone”. We show you the eleven best in our video. All “Jesse Stone” films in chronological order In the fictional town of Paradise in the state of Massachusetts, Jesse Stone solves numerous cases that are strongly based on the literary original up to the fourth volume of the crime series. Later, the plot of the CBS series deviated from the original. We recommend you the chronological order of the “Jesse Stone” films according to the plot: “Jesse Stone: Badass” (2006) “Jesse Stone: Cruel” (2005) “Jesse Stone: Silent” (2006) “Jesse Stone: Old Wounds”. (2007) “Jesse Stone: Thin Ice” (2009) “Jesse Stone: No Regrets” (2010) “Jesse Stone: Innocence Lost” (2011) “Jesse Stone: Doubting the Accused” (2012) “Jesse Stone : Lost in Paradise” (2015) “Jesse Stone: Badass” Stone got fired from the LAPD for being drunk on duty and heads to the small town of Paradise. Contrary to expectations, he gets the job as police chief there. City councilman Hasty Hathaway (Saul Rubinek) thinks the shabby cop is incompetent and hopes that he won’t get in the way of his shady dealings. But he shouldn’t have underestimated Stone’s ability. You can see the prequel film based on “The Dark Paradise” on Amazon Prime. Crime fans should not miss these series: “Jesse Stone: Ice Cold” The pilot film of the series takes place in terms of “Knallhart”, because Jesse Stone is already the new police chief in Paradise. The small town is rocked by the murder of a young man. But that should not remain the only crime of this kind. Is there a connection to a couple who previously lived in similar crimes? You can find the film based on the novel “Eiskalt” in the stream on Amazon. Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise When a pregnant fourteen-year-old is found dead in the water, the small town is shaken to the core. Was the girl abused? And what does the recent expulsion have to do with the crime? The leads also lead Stone to a writer believed to be the child’s father. But that’s not the end of the matter. You can find the novel “Die Tote in Paradise” and the accompanying film on Amazon. “Jesse Stone: Old Wounds” To take his mind off his ex-wife, Jesse Stone takes on a case that has been unsolved for 15 years. Something went wrong when investigating the death of a little girl. During his investigation, Stone narrowly escapes several attacks. The film based on the novel “Tod im Hafen” is currently not available on any streaming platform. “Jesse Stone: Thin Ice” In his fifth case, the stubborn Stone takes on a child abduction that happened six years ago. The victim has already been pronounced dead, but now his mother has received a letter. Is it possible that the child is still alive? As always, Stone proves to be a lone fighter here. Watch Jesse Stone: Thin Ice on Prime Video. Real life also has exciting crimes at the start: “Jesse Stone: No Regrets” In nearby Boston, a serial killer is up to mischief in parking garages. Jesse Stone is actually suspended from duty and is getting involved in the investigation again. In private, however, things are finally going a little better for the investigator. A colleague with marital problems becomes a good friend for him. Also available to stream on Amazon is Jesse Stone: No Regrets. “Jesse Stone: Innocence Lost” With a new police chief in charge of Paradise, Stone can’t stay out of the investigation into a dead young woman. He knew the victim personally, who is said to have died of an overdose. Should Stone have taken better care of her? The film is currently not available on any popular streaming platform. “Jesse Stone: The Defendant When Doubtful” Stone gets his old job back after the deaths of the new police chief and a cop in their squad car’s explosion. Everything points to corruption, but the investigator believes in the innocence of his predecessor and sets out to find the murderer. Jesse Stone also solves his eighth case with his usual rough-and-tumble charm. The film is currently not available on any popular streaming platform. “Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise” In his final TV case, Stone takes a job as an adviser to the Massachusetts State Police and digs into old cases. Above all, he stumbles across a serial killer who vehemently denies the last crime he was accused of. True abysses open up during his investigations. You can also stream Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise on Prime Video. Are you crime fans? Test your knowledge in the quiz:

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