Jesper Buch surprises in ‘Løvens Hule’: ‘I would like to give an unreserved apology’

“When I think back a bit, because it’s been a few days since you’ve been here, I actually think that I provoked you a bit and said ‘You’ll finish in a year’.”

“You are not. I would like to offer an unreserved apology for that.’

This is what investor Jesper Buch says in Thursday’s episode of the DR program ‘Løvens Hule’, when he sits in the chair opposite the former participants from the company Ladybox, who are once again seeking an investment from the seasoned lions.

The company Ladybox sells a monthly pampering box for women on advertising. In the program, Camilla Paulsen and Christina Bilgrav say that, since their involvement three years ago, Ladybox has increased the quality of the products and brought four investors on board. Among the four investors in Ladybox is the pop singer Medina, and here her role in the company also comes to function as an ambassador, where she also advertises on her platforms.

For that reason, the two young women do not hesitate to apply for 500,000 for five percent of their company – which gives the company a valuation of 10 million kroner.

“It proves that you can do whatever you want. And that we also sometimes make mistakes. Only a tiny bit,’ says Jesper Buch with a smile.

Three years ago, Camilla Paulsen and Camilla Bilgrav faced Jesper Buch for the first time when they starred in ‘Løvens Hule’ in 2019 – and here a harsh judgment came from Jesper Buch:

“You will go bankrupt in two years.”

But three years later, Ladybox is still on its feet, and as early as September 2021, the company could report that they have a turnover of millions.

This year’s lion cub consists of Jacob Risgaard, Louise Herping Ellegaard, Christian Arnstedt, Anne Stampe and Jesper Buch.
Photo: Per Arnesen

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This leads Jesper Buch, among other things, to ask whether the business makes a profit.

Here, Camilla Bilgrav says that when Ladybox reaches 4639 subscribers, the company will generate a zero on the bottom line in the first quarter, and the big plan for the company has always been to get a larger market share, which means that they can eventually be acquired.

“I am quite impressed with you. The authority you bring today, compared to three years ago, the development that has taken place is very clear and very impressive,’ says Jesper Buch, who is not the only lion who is deeply impressed by the women, before he continues:

“You just have to recognize that there are almost 5,000 women in Denmark who receive this every single month. It’s super nice.”

With the development in the company, Jesper Buch feels that he can see Ladybox becoming a big business, but he is in a dilemma – he does not dare to invest alone as it looks right now. That is why he wants a fellow lion in his investment. And that fellow lion will be Jacob Risgaard, who is the only lion left besides Buch.

  • Bid 1: Jesper Buch offers DKK 500,000 for 10 percent of the company.
  • Bid 2: Jesper Buch and Jacob Risgaard offer DKK 500,000 for 10 percent of the company together. That means five percent each for DKK 250,000.
  • Bid 3: Jesper Buch and Jacob Risgaard bid 750,000 for 15 percent. Here, Jesper Buch offers 500,000 for 10 percent and Jacob Risgaard offers 250,000 kroner for 5 percent.

All bids value the company at DKK 5 million.

Source: DR, ‘Løvens Hule’

After a talk alone and a little extra consideration, it ends with Jacob Risgaard and Jesper Buch coming up with two joint bids – while Jesper Buch also bids alone. The two women end up making a counter offer to get the lions into the company for an investment of 300,000 for 10 percent.

The lions buy into it.

For Ladybox, the second time was thus the luck of the draw in the ‘Løvens Hule’. Because not only did the company walk away with two investors – they also got an apology from Jesper Buch.

BT has tried to get a comment from Jesper Buch as well as Camilla Paulsen and Camilla Bilgrav from Ladybox, but this has not been possible at the time of writing.

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