Jesper Buch after election defeat in Frederiksberg: ‘My life goes on’

After 112 years, a conservative government in Frederiksberg is over.

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Instead of Simon Aggesen (K) in the mayoral post, it will in future be the Social Democrat Michael Vindfeldt who will control the course of the battle in the municipality.

The election result is not exactly the dream scenario for ‘The Lion’s Cave’ star Jesper Buch.

The 46-year-old entrepreneur and rich man lives in Frederiksberg and has been extremely open until the election that he wanted power to remain with the Conservative People’s Party.

Jesper Buch photographed in his home in Frederiksberg.

Jesper Buch photographed in his home in Frederiksberg.
Photo: Mathias Svold

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“Welfare is neither growing on the trees nor starting with the politicians. Welfare starts by having as many people as possible get up every morning and want to make a difference. Go the extra mile, innovate, entrepreneur, hire, create and ultimately get paid taxes and fees, which are then administered by, for example, local politicians, “he wrote on Instagram before the election.

“Conservatives have been doing this in Frederiksberg for over 100 years, and I thought they should continue to do so, because they are doing well,” he continued.

Although Jesper Buch’s persistent attempts to convince people to vote conservatively were not enough for the party to get its hands on the mayoral post for another four years, the rich man is in a relatively good mood as BT catches him in the wake of the election result.

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“It’s a shame, but my life goes on,” he says briefly and in cash.

The ‘Lion’s Den’ star also points out that the Conservative People’s Party, after all, had a good election, where they went ahead and got as much as 40.4 percent of the vote.

However, as you know, the 40 percent was not enough to keep Michael Vindfeldt (S) from the mayoral post when he constituted himself with the Radicals, SF and the Unity List.

“After all, I think they (Conservatives, ed.) Had a great choice,” says Jesper Buch, who continues:

“But yes, of course I think it’s a shame, like all other conservative voters do, but democracy has spoken and there is nothing to do.”

Already on Tuesday afternoon, it indicated that it looked bad for the Conservatives’ leading candidate Simon Aggesen, who has been in the lead up to the election as a result of his housing case.

You can read much more about that right here.

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