Jésica Cirio sues Sabrina Carballo for "The Hotel of the Famous" for his reprehensible sayings: the details

After his departure from “The Hotel of the Famous, Sabrina Carballo he was once again a protagonist in the media for his reprehensible sayings against Jessica Cirio. The actress starred in a terrible moment after an old video went viral.

This girl has an eye… divine but she’s not a pretty girl, she’s all operated on, she was always the Muppets’ piggy, always, I’ve known her since she was a girl“said the ex-partner of Chanchi Estevez on the recording that “LAM” recalled.

Sabrina Carballo will be sued by Jésica Cirio.

After the scandal, the driver of “La Peña de Morfi” took severe measures and contacted her lawyers Ferdinand Mocking Y Martin Leguizamon to go through legal channels against Carballo.

Burlando is very hot, along with Martín Leguizamón, because of Jésica Cirio. Direct trial. For them it was a finished issue. They can’t believe what happened“, revealed Pia Shaw in the series of shows.

Cirio’s trial of Sabrina Carballo. Why did he get into The Hotel of the Famous? Until now, Cirio had not seen him. Document letter“, he closed sharply Angel of Brito

Video: Sabrina Carballo’s reprehensible sayings about Jésica Cirio

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