Jérôme Commandeur, guest of "TPMP" reframe Cyril Hanouna live who made a dumpling!

Cyril Hanouna took the animation, as usual, of the second part of the 6 to 7 on C8, Wednesday, June 22. A program in which he received Jérôme Commandeur. But before talking about his guest, the host gave a tour of his columnists. Indeed, he had offered them to have dinner together. Except that Bernard Montiel declined this invitation. “I’ll be honest, I haven’t finished working on my last two radio guests (he’s been working for RFM since 2018, editor’s note)”, he explained. Enough to trigger the Hanouna tidal wave.

Freewheeling, he dropped: “No one listens to RFM”. Even when his columnist informed him that among these two guests was “Jerome Commander”Baba did not stop his speech tinged with humor. “What the fuck! Jérôme Commandeur is a friend, you’ll do it here. Who cares that you worked. You think Jérôme need RFM to fill its rooms, it’s the world upside down (…) Do you know where he is? In the firmament! RFM will only do one thing, which is to empty , rooms”.

The former host of Video Gag tried to seek help from the 46-year-old comedian. “Jerome defend me” A call from the foot answered by the one who gave the reply to Jonathan Cohen in the comedy series, the torch. “On the other hand, he was kind enough to say that I’m on the set. You didn’t”noted the comedian. “Wait two minutes (…) I was going to introduce you with great fanfare”replied his friend, who offered him to come out of the set to redo his entrance more.

Jérôme Commandeur was on set to promote his second film as a director, Irreducible : “Vincent Peltier, peaceful employee at ‘Eaux et Forets’ in Limoges, is encouraged to resign because of a staffing review, which he wishes the least in the world. An overzealous inspector decides to transfer him to the worst places in the world to push him to give up. She therefore sends him to Greenland to protect the researchers of a scientific base from bear attacks. We let you imagine the rest…”The film hits theaters on Wednesday, June 29.See also: Cyril Hanouna: in a dress in Touche pas à mon poste

Frederic Faussurier

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