Jérôme Boateng and OL, inevitable divorce

OL had a nightmarish Saturday afternoon on the lawn of Willem II, suffering a 5-0 correction. A humiliation against a Dutch D2 team that angered Peter Bosz, who pushed some players out, led by Jérôme Boateng.

The fact that Peter Bosz fielded a B team with a lot of young players doesn’t change anything, OL were ridiculed in the big widths on the lawn of Willem II. Suffering a 5-0 defeat which was also very flattering, Lyon exploded defensively and worried just two weeks before the recovery. Among the experienced executives present on the lawn of Tilburg, Jérôme Boateng again delivered a catastrophic performance. He now finds himself in the sights of observers, supporters and Lyon staff. His departure from OL will become the only remaining option in the medium term.

OL want Boateng to leave quickly

After Saturday’s debacle, Peter Bosz delivered an unequivocal speech. ” I’m not going to say anything about the young people who were already happy to play this match, and they learned. The experienced players should have taken this game in hand and they didn’t. Those who played missed their chance. […] Today was not our level. There are reasons. Players perhaps wanted to leave? Those who want to leave, let them do it as soon as possible “, he said curtly in comments reported by Le Progrès.

Words that targeted several executives like Tino Kadewere, Houssem Aouar and of course Jérôme Boateng. The German’s future at OL is dotted. A way out is desperately sought but it is not easy to deal with the imposing salary of the 2014 world champion. However, given his last performance in the Netherlands, things could accelerate at OL pushing irretrievably Jérôme Boateng towards an inglorious exit. ” How long can the German player hold out like this? “, underlines Le Progrès, for which “ mayonnaise never took with Jérome Boateng “.

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