Jeremy Renner’s training to become a Hawkeye

Jeremy Renner He is one of the Avengers and that responsibility means sacrifice from an aesthetic point of view. Therefore, the actor must take care of himself at meals while carrying out an intense routine of physical exercises and does not neglect the issue of rest, which is also essential to achieve optimal results. In this way, the performer is ready to bring his character to life. Hawkeye on the screen of Disney+.

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How do you train Jeremy Renner? He exercises from Monday to Friday and rests for two days on weekends. Monday: calisthenics and chest. Tuesday: calisthenics and back. Wednesday: calisthenics, legs and shoulders. Thursday and Friday: day of activities such as running on the treadmill, biking or playing sports. Quite a routine “Classic” from a professional point of view.

Training for Hawkeye

The truth is that the recordings of Hawkeye they are intense and Jeremy has to be in perfect athletic condition. For this reason, his routine accompanied by a good diet helps him maintain a remarkable agility, the strength necessary for work and the muscles that complement the aesthetics of the character that is also achieved from his suit and elements such as the bow and arrow.

“I have had very very strict diets in certain jobs and as I get older I don’t have to be so strict”, remarked the actor in reference to one of the key points about his preparation. Food! The performer revealed that he eats egg whites, avocado, and bacon, and also some tomato slices, but that’s only when he’s filming and needs to have the superhero look.

So you know, to see yourself as a character from Marvel, you must eat well and train. Nevertheless, Jeremy Renner stresses that it is important not to overdo this care. For example, he has what is known as “Cheat Meal”, meals where you enjoy what you really like without worrying about calories. Everything must be balanced so that the results are truly something “healthy”.

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