Jeremy Clarkson: ‘I think every day about whether I should die’

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Jeremy Clarkson has lived a life of overtaking.


The TV host, known from ‘Top Gear’ and ‘The Grand Tour’, has spent most of his life preoccupied with cars, and therefore he has rarely given exercise and health the whole big thoughts.

But age has begun to catch up with him, he says in an interview with English The Guardian, and it can be felt.

He reports problems with his back and knees, and then his lungs feel as if they have gone up in flames if he so much as considers jumping on a bike.

“I used to think I was going to die as a 107-year-old with a cigarette in the corner of my mouth.”

However, he stopped smoking four years ago, and now the British TV star has turned 61 years old.

At the same age, his father passed away. And it has made him ponder:

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“If I died at 61, I would be furious. I have not finished living at all, “he says and elaborates with a follow-up laugh:

“So yes, I think every day about whether I should die.”

Many years with cigarettes contributed to him getting a severe course of illness with pneumonia in 2017. He came upstairs again, but when he then contracted covid-19 last year, he feared he would die alone, he says.

Today, he fears that health will not see better days again, and that it therefore sets its limits for him:

“It makes me sad to think that I probably dived from a boat or took the black piste for the last time.”

But the eternally charismatic Clarkson is never pale for a joke, even when it comes to serious topics.

Therefore, it comforts him a bit when he reads obituaries in The Times, as it typically deals with deceased people who lived to around the age of 75.

“It shows I’m still 15 years old, and that’s plenty.”

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