Jens Gaardbo returns to the screen: Scores a new host job

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Jens Gaardbo is again to be experienced on screen.

In the DK4 program ‘During the week’, he must – as the name suggests – review the week’s events.

‘How did we get through the week? What remains unshakable, and what should be forgotten in a hurry? ‘ are some of the issues raised in the program. It writes the TV channel on their Instagram profile and continues:

‘With guests, comments and the sharp angle. But preferably also with the cheerful look at the week’s events, remarks and oddities. He’s closing last week. And opens the next ‘.

So far, Jens Gaardbo will be in charge of six programs. Steen Andersen, communications director at DK4, confirms this to BT

‘The deal is that it’s the year out. Then you just have to find out if it suits all parties. I think we are happy about that and I hope Jens is too, “he says and does not rule out that there may be more programs in the long run.

Jens Gaardbo has otherwise been more or less off the screen since he left his job at TV 2 News in December 2020 after nine years as a studio host.

He did so when an internal investigation of the culture at the TV station showed that he had shown poor judgment in his time as head of news for TV 2 Nyhederne. A job he held from 1997 to 2003.

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However, Steen Andersen sees no problems in letting Jens Gaardbo take on the role of host.

‘He has had inappropriate behavior a little over a lifetime ago. He has not done anything illegal, “he says and continues:

“He has not been sentenced. The only thing he has done is that he has had to leave his job because some internal investigation could explain that he had done something that was inappropriate. “

He emphasizes that the TV host has thereby “taken the consequence” and that DK4 is completely confident in the employment.

“We have no problems with that, and none of our employees are concerned about it,” says Steen Andersen.

“He’s a good journalist, and if he’s done something that was inappropriate once, he’s definitely learned from it.”

In a text message to BT, Jens Gaardbo confirms the new host job.

‘I’ve been asked if I want to make six small broadcasts. And so I do. And then we see …, ‘he writes.

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