Jennifer López’s dyes that will take more than 10 years off you

Lau Chan

Jennifer Lopez or better known as J.Lo knows that the key to eternal youth is (to a large extent) in the hair color you choose. In it we realize that no matter how many years pass, the diva from the Bronx looks spectacular at 52 not only in terms of fitness but also in terms of personal grooming.

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And it is there, where we talk about her beautiful hair and, specifically, about the different colors that she has worn in recent years, where we find the secret to say goodbye to the effects of time, taking a couple of years off ourselves.

Golden blond

Without a doubt, the iconic golden blonde hair color is one of the Bronx diva Jennifer Lopez’s best-kept secrets, and it’s that it makes her look so much younger. And it is that it is one of those tones that thanks to its warm and bright effect, favors brown skin by brightening and softening the features and, therefore, completely rejuvenates the face.


It is a mixture of shades of chestnut, honey and gold, they make J.Lo look even more youthful and totally fashionable, besides that it is not a risky look, so if you decide to wear it, you will not look exaggerated.

Intense caramel

This color has been worn countless times and it looks incredible on brown skin, in addition to instantly rejuvenating the face, especially if it is worn with the perfect coloring technique and the ideal hairstyle. It will be the winning choice if you don’t dare to bet on extremes!

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