Jennifer Lopez: Jennifer Lopez shows off her wedding ring for the first time

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez got married. At the ceremony, JLo wears two wedding dresses and celebrates the marriage in completely different looks. But it’s not just the wedding dresses that surprise, JLo’s wedding ring is also different than expected.

Jennifer Lopez, 52, and Ben Affleck, 49, are a married couple! But what did JLo wear on her big day and which ring did she get from her Ben? Even two days after the big news, there are only a few selected pictures of the Bennifer wedding, but they also make it clear: outfit and wedding ring are different than many fans probably expected.

Simple and understated: This is what JLo’s new wedding ring looks like

Jennifer Lopez not only shares small video snippets of the wedding ceremony with her fans, a first photo with a wedding ring can now be found on the Instagram profile of the “First Love” interpreter. This shows a newly married and obviously overjoyed Jennifer, on whose hand a wedding ring shines. But in contrast to her thick green diamond engagement ring, Jennifer Lynn Affleck’s wedding ring, as the singer is now officially called, is much more sober. The wide white gold ring comes without stones or decorations.

Obviously a disillusionment for fans. They commented under the post, “I’m really surprised that JLo chose a plain wedding ring. I was thinking an eternity ring or something with bling.” Others are happy about the simple elegance and write: “So beautiful”. But no matter what her followers think, she seems more than happy about her new shiny accessory – and that’s what matters.

Jennifer Lopez is getting married quite simply

Anyone who was hoping for a pompous party will be a little disappointed with the first pictures of Jennifer’s wedding dress. If the surprise wedding of the summer had a motto, it would be: classically chic with an unexpected twist. Because the singer and the actor married without much fuss in the closest circle in a standard wedding chapel in Las Vegas – without a prior appointment or opulent gowns. When it comes to her outfits, JLo sometimes even relies on the contents of her closet! In her newsletter “On the JLo” she reveals to her fans the special meaning of her first dress, which at first glance appears surprisingly simple.

Jennifer Lopez shares emotional wedding dress story

“I’ve had this dress for so many years and I’ve kept it and now I’m wearing it on my wedding day,” says JLo of the rather simple, high-necked dress with textured fabric, in which she debuts as a bride. Jennifer also reveals that she got married in a “dress from an old movie”. Her dream dress: A classic, white dress with a boat neckline – relatively well-behaved. Hairstylist Chris Appleton shares a clip of the wedding dress on Instagram with the caption, “Last minute pre-wedding feelings.”

Jennifer Lopez wears a Zuhair Murad dress during the vows

But Jennifer Lopez wouldn’t be Jennifer Lopez if she didn’t add a real wow moment to her wedding. In the chapel, the bride changes her robe and slips into a high-fashion wedding dress by the Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad, 51. The white, off-the-shoulder lace dress is much more pompous and features long sleeves, a heart-shaped neckline and a train . A matching low-slung lace-trimmed veil completes Jennifer Lopez’s special wedding look.

JLo wears this make-up at the wedding

When it comes to make-up, JLo’s wedding can also be sexy. At the ceremony in Las Vegas, the bride opted for her typical bronze glow, soft smokey eyes and peach-colored nude lips. Her hair falls in voluminous, large curls, as friend and hair artist Chris Appleton captures on Instagram. Ben Affleck takes his cue from his new wife, styling a plain white tuxedo with a matching white shirt and white boutonniere.

As a contrast, the groom simply chooses a black bow tie. By the way: Like Lopez’s first dress, Affleck’s wedding tuxedo is not a new purchase, but straight out of his closet, as the couple reveals in the “On the JLo” newsletter. Approachable and sustainable!


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