Jennifer Lopez: Halftime, the review: J. Lo doesn’t need an Oscar …

Jennifer Lopez – Halftime: a still image from the film

Halftime is the word that, in English, denotes the interval of a game. But there is a halftime that has become the quintessential interval. It is that of Supebowl, the final of the NFL American football championship, the most watched television event in America. There Jennifer Lopez review: Halftimethe documentary from 14 June streaming on Netflix, starts here, because it tells the story of the performance of the Puerto Rican-born actress and singer at the Superbowl halftime in February 2020. A performance that was one of the most watched ever and that left a mark, and it has a rather complex history. The film, as it follows the approach to the event, also tells the return of Jennifer Lopez in the cinema that matters, with The Wall Street girls, and her preparation for awards season, and traces the star’s career from her beginnings to today. The word halftime, then, can also mean a balance sheet of the star, who has reached the age of fifty, in the middle of the journey of her life. Jennifer Lopez: Halftime is an unexpected film, surprising and also, in her own way, interesting. But, odd for a character who has made music one of the cornerstones of her career, she has rhythm issues, and she also has a massive dose of rhetoric that everyone may not like.

Towards that Superbowl show

Jennifer Lopez Halftime 4

Jennifer Lopez – Halftime: a scene from the documentary

Jennifer Lopez: Halftime starts in July 2019, when Jennifer Lopez turns 50. With a leap forward we find ourselves six months later, in February 2020, in Miami, where Jennifer Lopez, along with Shakira, is about to perform in what is one of the most important show business events in the world, the halftime show. , the interval of the Superbowl. Meanwhile, in September 2019, the release of The Girls of Wall Street – Business I $ Business (Hustlers), presented at the Toronto Film Festival, re-launches Jennifer Lopez in the cinema that matters, and launches it towards the awards season. Throughout all of this, some Trump administration atrocities give Jennifer an idea: There will also be a political message on her Superbowl show.

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The private is political

Jennifer Lopez Halftime 5

Jennifer Lopez – Halftime: a moment of the film

The most surprising thing is this: watching a documentary about Jennifer Lopez and being confronted with a story that talks about politics. At a certain point in the story, in fact, Jennifer Lopez witnesses the images of migrants, “latinos“like her, stranded at the border with the United States and caged, with children separated from their parents. She was one of the symbolic images of the Trump era. Jennifer Lopez decides to insert a political message on her show: to a certain point around the stage 18 cages will appear, from which some boys will come out, to make it clear that they are not there to be caged. And, at a certain point, there will be a hint of Born In The Usaby Bruce Springsteen, as a hymn of inclusion, to say that America belongs to everyone.

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Jennifer Lopez – Halftime: a photo of the documentary

Jennifer Lopez and cinema

Jennifer Lopez Halftime 1

Jennifer Lopez – Halftime: a moment of the documentary

Alongside politics there is also a lot of cinema. Starting from here, musicals that Jennifer Lopez’s mother loved to watch and that she, as a child, served as inspiration. Thus, in the opening bars of the documentary, we see scenes from West Side Story: little Jennifer, who grew up in the Bronx, between brown and gray bricks, liked that there was a colorful world she liked. And she felt inspired by Rita Moreno, a Latin artist like her who became the protagonist. Slowly the documentary also follows the film career of J Lo: Selena, just the story of a Latin singer, another model for Jennifer, U-Turn – U-Turn, Out of Sight, Sooner or later me marry. The arrival of awards season, with a Golden Globe nomination, then not transformed into an award, for The Girls of Wall Street, and a hoped-for Oscar nomination never arrived (but there is the Los Angeles Critics’ Award), in the face of 10 nominations for the Razzie Awards received in her career, they give us back the portrait of an actress who is perhaps too underestimated, and who has received little, in terms of awards, compared to what she has done. But when there is a performance at the Superbowl, everyone will say: she does not need the Oscar, she has already won it at the halftime.

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Little rhythm and a lot of rhetoric

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Jennifer Lopez – Halftime: an image

Jennifer Lopez: Halftime it is an interesting story, which however leaves some doubts. The political discourse clashes a little with the sequined and successful image which, on the other hand, is the life of Jennifer Lopez. Her intentions, told explicitly, seem sincere to us. And, let’s be clear, it is not certain that a pop star cannot make her voice heard, give a strong message, even if so far we have associated her with something else, even if she is not Bruce Springsteen. Then, however, the cages that should give that strong message have neon lights and are fluorescent, and then some doubts come back. The problem with the documentary, however, is that paradoxically – since we are talking about an artist who has made it one of the cornerstones of her career – it lacks rhythm. And then, although the intentions are the best, the story does not escape a certain dose of rhetoric and emotion a little studied at the table. Overall, however, it has the advantage of having introduced us to a J. Lo that we did not know.

Jennifer Lopez Halftime 3

Jennifer Lopez – Halftime: a scene from the documentary

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In Jennifer Lopez’s review: Halftime we told you about a surprising and interesting film. But, odd for a character who has made music one of the cornerstones of her career, she has rhythm issues, and she also has a massive dose of rhetoric that might bother many.

Because we like it

  • The film tells the background of the 2020 Superbowl performance, and the political aspects.
  • The documentary also spans J. Lo’s career in film.
  • It also tells us the hidden sides of the star.

What’s wrong

  • Oddly, it’s a film that lacks rhythm.
  • Everything is told with an abundant dose of rhetoric.

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