Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck on the verge of breaking up? Their honeymoon in Paris turns sour… These photos will get people talking!

On July 16, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck united in Las Vegas to everyone’s surprise! “It was the most beautiful wedding we could have imagined”, confessed the singer via her newsletter. It is in a small chapel out of sight that the star and the actor united for better and for worse. “They kindly stayed open for a few more minutes, let us take pictures in a convertible pink Cadillac [..] but if we wanted Elvis there, we would have had to pay extra, and he was already in bed,” clarified the interpreter of “Get Right”.

A few days after their union, Jennifer Lopez and her half landed in Paris accompanied by their children. The opportunity for the artist to celebrate his 53 years surrounded by his family on July 24, 2022! For jlo, family is sacred. To pass the time, they therefore chained cultural visits, local tastings and walks along the Seine.

“I have a feeling their marriage isn’t going to last…”

In the aftermath, TMZ ignited social networks by revealing new pictures of the couple. The paparazzi managed to immortalize them in a chic Parisian restaurant called The GIRAFE. The renowned establishment is located opposite the Eiffel Tower…just that! But Ben Affleck didn’t seem to be in top form. On one of the photos revealed by our colleagues, the ex-darling of Jennifer Garner is shown to be annoyed alongside his half who is trying to console him. Indeed, on other publications, Ben Affleck discreetly wiped away his tears.

Is there water in the gas between the two stars? To date, it is difficult to draw conclusions. But for Internet users, these images say a lot. “I’m happy for them, but I feel like their marriage won’t last”, “Ben has been suffering from depression for years… I’m not surprised to see him like this”, can we read on the Web. Let their fans be reassured, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez subsequently appeared smiling and ultra accomplices. All’s well That ends well !


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