Jennifer Lawrence confesses to acting "stoned" in new movie with Leonardo DiCaprio

It is difficult to judge the method used by an actor or actress in their craft. Especially if the artist in question has already won an Oscar in his career. For Jennifer Lawrence revealed that she went straight to the stage to play her character in ‘Don’t Look Up,’ in which she stars opposite a stellar cast with names like Meryl Streep and Leonardo DiCaprio. Lawreence plays Kate Dibiasky, a woman with the recreational habit of smoking marijuana, a habit she adopted before entering the scene.

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Directed by Adam McKay, the feature film shows a PhD candidate who allays her anxiety about cannabis use, especially after discovering a comet is dangerously approaching Earth. Lawrence’s acting method was delivered by the director to journalists in a question-and-answer session after the film was shown at a Los Angeles cinema that also featured Leonardo DiCaprio and Meryl Streep.

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