Jennifer Garner-style ‘John Wick’ action film hits HBO Max; But it’s good?

Suddenly… Killer

In horror cinema there is the subgenre of vampire films, where creatures suck the blood of their victims. In the audiovisual field, there are “vampire” productions: films and series that just suck from a formula or genre without adding or giving the public anything in return. This is exactly the case with The Punisherfilm starring the always wonderful Jennifer Garner which is in TOP 10 of the most watched movies on HBO Max🇧🇷

There are two types of thinking when producing a cinematographic work. The first is the thought of the artist, who wants a budget to create something new, to be able to use the seventh art for a message, even if it comes through images in an entertainment film. Performances, direction, script and any other element that makes up the whole can be such a differential.

On the other hand, there is the mentality of those who just want to use a production as a means of making money (often high). In this segment, a quick film is delivered, totally bathed in a formula that worked in the past, without adding any novelty or originality to those items mentioned above. Here, the basics are done in the hope that the audience won’t notice the difference – since for them action is action, horror is horror and comedy is comedy. It is even a way of gloating over the spectator’s intelligence.

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Even bad movies often bring an element that stands out, which may not change our opinion of such a work (it’s still bad), but at least there’s something to admire. Precisely for this reason, in the humble opinion of this one who speaks to you, the worst type of film is the one that tries to blend in with the others within a genre, without adding any element in which it can be praised – only supported by the fact that “it is a film of gender”.

Yes, there are a lot of crazy ideas out there for scripts that don’t work. But these at least dare, risking everything to make it work. And they often achieve their objective, this is something that the spectator who watches many films is always looking for, an attraction of freshness. Unfortunately, The Punisher has none of that to offer. This is one of the most generic and forgettable films of 2018.

The absurd script recycles Death Wish (1974) – which won a remake with Bruce Willis earlier this year – and the anti-hero The Avengerfrom Marvel, featuring a 50-kilogram housewife as the protagonist, role of Jennifer Garner🇧🇷 In five years she goes from being a mother of a family in the American suburbs to a lethal and immortal assassin, who would leave Ripley and Nikita in the dust, after her family is murdered. And there are good examples of strong and badass female characters that work, through a pseudo realism.

Nothing is explained and everything is played for us to accept as we would in any other action movie. The problem is that here, too, there is no amusing sense of exaggeration. This is a work that takes itself more seriously than it should. At one point, the woman ties three dead criminals upside down to a ferris wheel. Don’t ask me how she did it. Furthermore, the lack of expression in the text is so great that in the course of it we seem to be watching a satire of such films, since the film runs through all the items in the booklet, with moments beyond soap operas and bad performances. Even the original title sounds like a parody: peppermint – something like mint. Isn’t it funny to give an action movie a title like that?

The direction is Pierre MorelFrench filmmaker sponsored by Luc Bessonwho under the tutelage of the great director delivered more solid works, such as the first relentless pursuit (2008), and without it, it made beautiful slips, as the sniper (2015), with Sean Penn🇧🇷 Himself Bessonincluding, as the undisputed master that he is, he knows how to create strong and identifiable female characters, even in films that don’t work out completely, see Colombian (2011 – of which he was a producer) and lucy (2014). Already The Punisher it is nothing more than a carbon copy that has already lost its legibility.

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