Jennifer Garner: 7 years after breaking up with Ben Affleck, she’s finally free

Jennifer Garner
Now she’s blooming

She also masters the wow appearance, here in Hollywood in 2021. Jennifer Garner prefers it without much glam.

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Ex-husband Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s wedding is a huge release for Jennifer Garner.

Sneaker, floral dress, open, unstyled hair – this is how Jennifer Garner, 50, posts herself from her garden in California. “Farmer Jen,” she comments happily on the picture, the signal is clear: I’m fine. Even more: I don’t need the big glamour. What a contrast to the photos that ex-husband Ben Affleck, 49, and Jennifer Lopez, 53, deliver at the same time from Paris. Here the couple is honeymooning in the most romantic places in the metropolis. A public love that does not fail to have an effect. JLo’s first ex-husband Ojani Noa said jealously to the “Daily Mail”: “I don’t think it will last.”

Jennifer Garner looks relieved

It is important to her that her children are doing well with the new family constellation. Garner and Affleck’s daughters Violet, 16, and Seraphina, 13, are with them in Paris, a great summer adventure for them; Son Samuel, 10, has stayed with Garner. As long as the patchwork life works, Garner is content. More importantly, she can now hand over a huge chunk of responsibility. Because now JLo is the one who’s there for Ben. In good and in bad times.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck on their honeymoon in Paris

Turbo marriage: Since her love comeback in 2021, things can’t go fast enough. After the impromptu marriage, Mrs. & Mr. Affleck flew straight to Paris to honeymoon.

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Review: Ben Affleck is an alcoholic, had several serious breakdowns – and Jennifer Garner was there for him even after the marriage. She took care of him and let him live with her for two years after the separation. She took him to rehab and picked him up again. In those years, a desperate phone call could come from him at any time. Although Affleck has been dry for a while, the concern remains whether something will throw him off track again. Jennifer will probably never get rid of them completely, but she knows that Affleck now has a woman by his side who loves and protects him. Jennifer Garner can finally let go. And that’s seven years after the breakup!

Ben Affleck’s ex finally has room for their actual relationship

This also gives Garner more space for the actual man in her life. The actress has been in a relationship with Texas entrepreneur John Miller, 44, since 2018. However, at a much slower pace than JLo and Affleck. “They rarely met at home at first, but more often for inconspicuous dinners in places where no prying eyes would disturb them,” reports US Weekly magazine.

And that’s exactly what led to the couple temporarily separating. “John was ready for more, Jen just couldn’t commit,” it said at the time. The two have been together again since 2021 and have just spent short vacations in New York and Italy. And their children – John Miller has a teenage daughter and son with violinist Caroline Campbell – have now, four years later, met each other. It can be heard from the couple’s environment that Jennifer and John are now enjoying their time together much more calmly and relaxed. Even moving in together, a possible next step, is a non-conflicting issue. Wedding? Rather unlikely at the moment. And if so, then certainly simply and calmly.


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