Jennie Made Hearts Race With Her Dance Moves On The BORN PINK Tour

BLACKPINK continues in the middle of its world tour called BORN PINK, in the most recent shows of the girl group, Jennie wore new costumes with which she carried out her best dance steps, stealing sighs from the public.

Currently, the girls BLACKPINK are carrying out their BORN PINK tour, which is touring several cities in North America. each of concerts is unique for some reason or another, but all of them are full of emotions for BLINK.

In the most recent shows, Jenny has made the fans fall in love even more, because in addition to singing with passion and following the choreographies of the girl group of K-Pop has also shown his great passion and dedication on stage, especially through dance.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie during the group tour. | Source: Instagram @jennierubyjane

Several videos captured by BLACKPINK fans who went to see them in concert, we see Jennie wearing one of her new outfits and totally surrendering to the rhythm of her songs.

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Jennie Grabs the Spotlight With These Dance Steps in PINK VENOM

During one of the most recent performances, Jennie is wearing an outfit of black shorts and a white top that make her look great, when the choir of PINK VENOM appeared, the four members made the choreography corresponding, but BLINK’s screams broke out.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie dancing to PINK VENOM on tour. | Source: Twitter @biackpinkloops

The reason was that Jennie made some changes to the dance steps and let the rhythm guide her in this choreography, thrilling her fans to the fullest.

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Jennie’s stage presence excites BLACKPINK fans

Likewise, the idol She has been caught on camera as each BLACKPINK member approaches the public and there is no doubt that she knows how to make her fans happy.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie on the world tour. | Source: Twitter @blinks_pinks4

With charming mannerisms, dancing, her powerful voice and great stage presence, Jennie can command the attention of anyone in front of her. Would you like to see her in a concert in your country?

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