Jennie, Lee Suhyun, and more YG soloists to have on your playlist

In the K-Pop industry we not only find talented groups, but also solo projects that thrilled fans with their music and YG has several of them.

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In the South Korean music industry there are many ways idols arrive on stage, sometimes debuting as a group, as a duo or even as soloists, but even those who started in a team sometimes show us individual projects.

Occasionally these types of releases occur within YG Entertainment, one of the largest and most popular entertainment companies in the country, which has featured successful singers who have won the affection of fans.

Great artists are and have been part of the company, but today we want to recognize several singers who demonstrated their talent as soloists, that’s why we recommend a collection of individual releases that you will love to hear over and over again.

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YG Entertainment’s girl power in solo songs

Among the solo debuts of the BLACKPINK idols we find Rosé, the girl presented a couple of singles that stole the eyes and one that should not be out of your collection is On The Ground.

Suhyun is part of AKMU and most of her songs are within this duo, however, we have heard her sing as a soloist in OST and also with some singles. One that cannot be left out of your playlist is Alien, as it also showed a different facet of this idol.

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She was the first BLACKPINK member to debut as a solo artist, and her song SOLO proved that this idol group’s popularity not only occurs when they are together, but also in their individual projects.

Although Somi is not exactly a YG Entertainment idol, she works under the music label The Black Label, which is a subsidiary of the previously mentioned company so we decided to include her on this list of talented singers. She has songs that you won’t want to stop listening to but today we selected Dumb Dumb as our favorite.

Lisa is the BLACKPINK member who made her solo debut most recently, although her lead single was LALISA, Money made an amazing impact and that’s why this track is the one on the list.

On the other hand, we also recommend some of IU’s best songs so that you can get to know her career better.

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