Jennie is the most forgetful member of BLACKPINK according to Jisoo

Each of the members of BLACKPINK has personal characteristics that differentiate them from the rest and cause tenderness in much of the fandom. One of the most adorable would be how absent-minded Jennie can be at times, forgetting her stuff everywhere.

Jenny from BLACKPINK He has fallen in love with his fans, not only because of his incredible talent and great voice. He has also endeared himself to millions for his unique personality and great charisma. But what peculiar trait has melted his fans with tenderness? let it be so forgetful.

BLACKPINK’s Jenny. // Source: Instagram @jennierubyjane

For BLINK, each of the BLACKPINK members have their special charm and have stolen the hearts of each of their followers. For this reason, every time the girls interact with each other, they provoke laughter and excitement from their fans.

Especially the interactions between Jisoo and Jennie, who have shown to have a great and enviable friendship, full of funny moments. Like the most recent one taught by Jisoo through Weverse.

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Jennie has forgotten to give Jisoo some gifts, the singer confessed

Through the Weverse app, Jisoo of BLACKPINK was answering questions from their fans. When she noticed a question from a fan asking if Jennie bought her a bracelet in Hawaii. Referring to the girl’s vlog in which she showed off the souvenirs she bought for her groupmates.

To the surprise of fans, Jisoo responded with ‘Wasn’t that a sticker? I keep asking her about the things she bought us in Hawaii but she follows them forgetting. Give me mine!’ Provoking laughter and tenderness between BLINK.

Jisoo’s message on Weverse. // Source: Twitter @BLACKPINKMXCO

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Jennie also forgets her personal belongings at Jisoo’s house

Similarly, Jisoo also commented through networks that Jennie once left a hair clip at her house. When Jisoo went to return it, Jennie forgot about it again. Without a doubt, the singer of ‘SOLO’ is very distracted, provoking laughter and tenderness in her groupmates. Are you as forgetful as Jennie?

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