Jenifer: rare appearance of her brother Jonathan who is a pure handsome guy!

Jenifer is on all fronts! For several days, she has ensured with panache the incredible promotion of her latest album called No. 9. In the studio, the star gave everything to impress her audience with her new titles. “I especially wanted to put the human at the heart of this album. And the human thing happened through extraordinary musicians who were free to play as they heard the music. It’s very weird to say that but I wanted them to be able to express themselves as they wanted, in a very pure way, on the songs that I presented to them. she pointed out Pure Charts.

In addition, Jenifer – for a time – flew to London to find inspiration there: “Recording in live conditions, in this London studio, really allowed me to obtain a sound with a lot of soul. That was all I was looking for: authenticity and passion. That it really transpires the truth. These sounds made me love music”.Powered by the star Academy in the early 2000s, Jenifer came a long way! Despite her immense popularity, the main interested party has always known how to remain humble. When she is not on TV sets, Jenifer recharges her batteries with her family, far from the spotlight.

“I was a little cowhide with my brother especially…”

This Thursday, November 10, 2022, the happy mother of three children agreed to lift the veil on her secret garden in the program “En Weekend avec” on TMC. To everyone’s surprise, his younger brother agreed to participate in the filming. Thus, viewers were able to exclusively discover the pretty face of Jonathan (see photo below Gala)! As countless netizens have pointed out, the latter looks a lot like the artist. It’s simple, the duo looks like two drops of water. If to date, they are very close, in the past, the main interested parties “often quarreled”.

“As we got confused too often and we were too proud to go to each other, we slipped words under the door”, pointed out Jonathan before revealing the title of their messages: “Do you want to be my brother again?” “. According to their words, Jenifer was not always tender with him. “I was a bit of a cowhide with my brother especially”, conceded the interpreter of “My revolution”. However, as soon as they went out, Jenifer did not leave him alone: ​​” I was protecting him, he was my little brother”.


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