Jenifer or Matt Pokora: find out which of these two artists made the best start with their new album!

If Jenifer went into exile in Corsica and Matt Pokora now lives in the United States, the two artists have recently made their comeback in the capital to promote their new opus. For her ninth album, the first winner of the Star Academy released N°9, carried by the single “Sauve qui aime”, while the winner of the third edition of Popstars signed her return to the stores with a production entitled Epicenter. The latter was recently seen on the set of “Dancing with the stars” as well as that of the Star Academy. A double presence may pay off since the companion of Christina Milian ranks second in album sales this Monday, November 14 with nearly 18,000 copies sold. As for Jenifer, she also managed to mobilize her fans selling nearly 9500 records, placing her two places behind Matt Pokora. A ranking dominated by the rapper Dinos who enters directly number one in sales in France with “Hiver à Paris”. This double album counts 28,100 sales for its first week of operation.

Jenifer refuses to participate in “Dancing with the stars”

If Matt Pokora has chosen to return to the floor of “Dance with the stars”, a competition he won during the first vintage, Jenifer admitted recently that she had refused to go. to participate. While she lent herself to the game of the interview “Randomly” by Bruno Guillon on his show The Good Sunday Show, broadcast on Sunday November 6 on RTL, the mother of Aaron, Joseph and Juvanni mentioned a possible appearance on the show. “Who would you like to… do Dance with the Stars with?”, asked the host. I won’t be able to do this show. I can’t”, she replied hasBefore lifting the veil on the main reasons for this categorical refusal:It imposes so much rigor, so much discipline… Well, I can’t.”


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