Jenifer au naturel: for her 40th birthday, she reveals herself like never before!

It’s like good wine. The more it ages, the more it gains in aroma and power and, to magnify the thing, gains in beauty. Jenifer can therefore easily be considered a good wine as the artist continues to embellish over the years. Because yes, this Tuesday, November 15, the winner of the first edition of the star Academy passed an important milestone. A course that many people find difficult to assume but not the one who had a love affair with Jean-Pascal Lacoste during his time in the tele-hook of TF1.

Indeed, Jenifer has just celebrated her 40th birthday and in addition to having all her teeth, the one who has just released her new album No. 9 proves that despite the passage of time, beauty does not disappear, far from it. Proof that she fully assumes her age and that the natural suits her so well, her last Twitter post. A post in which she posed with her latest project and… patches under the eyes. Being a public figure does not prevent you from taking care of yourself and Jenifer proves it with her latest shot.

Jenifer is 40 years old and does not do them

“I got it before you it’s so beautiful I hope you like it as much as I love it”she wrote in her Twitter post before thanking all her fans for the tender messages received on the occasion of her birthday: “Thank you all for your birthday messages, if we don’t know that I’m attacking quarantine. Big kisses to all (yes yes I put on patches)”. That the singer is reassured, even with patches under the eyes, this one remains sublime and this for many more years.

No doubt fans of the winner of the first season of the star Academy have already tasted the new album of their favorite artist. She also confided in the Parisian a few weeks ago to indicate what motivated her to return to the studio. “We live in a somewhat complicated world. And as we were emerging from an anxiety-provoking period with this pandemic, it was important for me to invite people to party”she confided before finally concluding: “I make music, entertainment, so it’s my role to try to escape the spirits. This record is a call to summon memories, sing and have fun”.

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