Jeni Marcheva blossomed after the divorce

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21 November 2021, 10:48

Jeni Marcheva has lost at least ten kilograms after her divorce from her husband Martin. Only a few months ago, the host of the BTV show “This Saturday” looked overweight, bloated, relaxed and too withered as a woman who goes on TV every week. However, since she is a girl again, she has been walking around in front of the cameras, almost like a model. And her colleagues whisper that life without a husband is very good for her.For at least two years, Jeni Marcheva appeared on the small screen as much swollen and with such a sagging belly that viewers periodically suspected her of being pregnant, although she was 45 years old and had two children. The journalist, who for a long time was known for her slender “badges”, as Nikolai Barekov called her legs on the air some time ago, had reached a point where she did not look like herself. According to rumors, the TV wondered what to wear it so that it does not look repulsive in front of the cameras, which already add at least 5 kilograms to the real weight of people. It is said that the presenter was worried about her size, but the only thing she did to solve the problem was to keep the folder with her script in front of her stomach in an attempt to cover it up.Now, however, there is no trace of her fat left. Women have visibly lost weight and become more beautiful. In a few weeks, she has lost at least 10 kilograms, which affects both her self-esteem and her overall broadcast. What is the reason? Recently, the presenter revealed that only a few months ago she officially ended her 20-year marriage. The problems with her husband Martin have been known for a long time, but the TV presenter tried to swallow them because of the good old days and the couple’s two children.Enemies whisper that all the problems came from the ambition and careerism of a woman who preferred to work instead of with her family. According to her relatives, however, it was the problems in the family that made the presenter seek solace in television, where she at least managed to keep things under control. As often happens in such situations, she tried to compensate with food for the tension of her unhappy relationship. In this way she gained weight in a negative time, and the rumors that she may be pregnant, further aggravated her problems, wrote Weekend.This summer, however, Zhenya decided to finally part with her past and unhappy marriage, while at the same time managing to maintain custody of the children, as well as the family home. Martin moved out and left her in the house they were building together. According to rumors, he already had a new wife, with whom he planned to live soon. At the same time, the ex-wife spent her summer vacation touring the resorts in our country and in Greece without a husband next to her. Only her two children were with her.Instead of getting depressed that her husband already had another, she calmed down surprisingly, she aspired to lose weight and managed to get in shape in just two or three months. The newly divorced woman has literally blossomed. At the moment she looks better than her colleague Diana Lyubenova, who traditionally passes for beauty. According to rumors, although she took the children, Marcheva agreed with Martin to share their care. That left her enough free time to deal with herself.

However, does the journalist have a new man in her life? According to rumors, she is still alone, but given her new appearance, she did not complain about the lack of suitors.

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