Jeni Kalkandjieva has long been separated from her husband Tacho

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21 November 2021, 16:00

Jeni Kalkandjieva seems to have finally separated from her husband Stefan Manov-Tacho, it was commented along with the next drama with “Miss Bulgaria 1995”. The head of the Visage fashion agency, who will celebrate her 47th birthday on February 20, has once again become the center of attention these days after she was filmed by her neighbors getting into an ambulance with a bandaged head. According to the spread information, Kalkandjieva was injured after she was hit with a bottle during a drunken gathering in her home.The incident happened after a heavy binge on Sunday, apparently on the occasion of the election, at the beauty’s home. Fortunately, 12-year-old Jorko, Kalkandjieva’s son, was not at home. His father Stefan Manov was also absent. This has led to comments that the couple, who were arrested last year after scandals with neighbors, have finally separated.Jeni Kalkandjieva, who got married at a lavish ceremony for the younger Stefan Manov in 2007, continues to bear his surname. The profile of the mouse on the social network is still Manova with a dash. They may not have an official divorce with Thacho. However, after the recent events, it is rumored that the two may no longer live together. Moreover, their last family photo is from this May. Women and Tacho have supported their son Georgi in a sports competition. There may not be drama, but before the couple more often demonstrated a warm relationship, even showing curious details of their lives. This is not the case now, and Stefan Manov has also deleted his Facebook account.The floating relationship of the spouses has been talked about for a long time, but the first confirmation of the separation appeared in May, last year. It happened during the war of the family with neighbors. Stefan Manov-Tacho was in custody after beating a neighbor and was released on BGN 5,000 bail. Two weeks later, Zhenya was also detained after a scandal with neighbors. One of them – Magi Zaharieva, complained in front of the TV cameras that Evgenia went down to their floor, poured “some cut pieces of paper” and started knocking on the door and insulting. The young lady and her mother opened it. “When we went out, she started hitting my mother, started insulting, started talking about my father, who died 8 years ago,” Magi Zaharieva complained at the time in a report broadcast on Nova TV. Police officers from the Sixth Regional Police Department in Sofia came twice to check what was happening. In her anger, Zhenya even threw eggs at the cars in front of the block.The version of Jeni Kalkandjieva’s scandal was completely different. In addition to explaining it, Miska then admitted that her husband had moved out of the family home. “I think some people want to use me for money. My husband was evicted, he has been gone for two weeks “, Zhenya explained then. Regarding the beating inflicted by Thacho on a neighbor, she said: “My husband is intentional to this type of garbage… Of course he will beat him. At the very least, he didn’t even do him any harm. He just hit him twice, “said Jeni. And then, already in his home, he erupted: “We are not bad people! Thacho is out! What more do they want ?! ”The next day, Jeni shared a family photo on Facebook, asking the media not to stand in front of her door. “I feel harassed. They broke into my house. They are waiting for me everywhere. “Once the Court announces its decision, I will answer all journalistic questions,” Zhenya wrote, stressing that she hoped she would not be worried until then. She expressed the belief that the everyday part of her life should not arouse such curiosity and attention. Once that became a fact, she could only emphasize that “the unpleasant situation is not an isolated case.” “This is another provocation of my neighbors, which is becoming part of systematic harassment not only for me but also for my family. All my actions and words were subordinated to a single goal – to protect my home and my child. I believe that this is the responsibility of every parent. I hope to be understood not only by that part of society who have similar problems to mine and feel insecure and anxious in their own home. I assure you that: an investigation is currently underway, I have not been detained, my release from custody is not against bail. In this dispute between neighbors, I have my version. The right will prevail in court. Thanks to all the friends who support me. I love you, “Women wrote then.In June last year, the court fined the mouse BGN 300 on the case of petty hooliganism after a scandal with neighbors. Before the court, Jeni Kalkandjieva described her behavior as “indecent”. She said she regretted throwing eggs and insulting her neighbors on St. George’s Day. Women explained that she behaved helplessly because of the scandals with the neighbors. She also presented a letter in her support, signed by many of her neighbors.“My husband is building three houses, we have a villa. We do not deal with them at all. I just think this is a provocation, with which they are trying to tarnish my name, to tarnish my image, and at the same time, what hurts me the most is that they are teasing my child. And I could say that I am a very good mother “, Jeni explained to journalists after the meeting. Then the head of “Visage” also shared that her child was subjected to “interrogations by” Child Protection “, social, etc.”There is still no statement after another drama from days ago, in which the beauty is again the main character, but this time her neighbors are not a party. According to rumors, Kalkandjieva’s head was cracked by the son of the late journalist Alice Kraycheva – Alexander Balkanski. Martin Karbowski also took part in the binge drinking, several gossip sites wrote.


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