Jeff Bezos reveals: ‘I want to give most of my money away’

It wasn’t that long ago that he gave $100 million to Dolly Parton’s charity.

And now he says that it is far from the only thing that is being given away.

It writes CNN.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos plans to give away the majority of his net worth of $124 billion, approximately DKK 900 billion, during his lifetime.

He will use the bulk of his wealth to fight climate change and support people who can unite humanity in the face of deep social and political divides.

Although Bezos’ promise was not filled with many details, but this is the first time he has announced that he plans to give away most of his money.

During 2022, Jeff Bezos has been overtaken in a big way as the world’s richest man.

The world’s richest is Elon Musk, and he is still very far ahead of the closest with a total fortune of 210 billion dollars – or approximately one and a half trillion Danish kroner.

But he has come somewhat closer to the rest of us, as he has lost $60.4 billion of his fortune so far in 2022, according to Bloomberg.

The closest pursuer is Amazon boss Jeff Bezos, who has also suffered financially in 2022.

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