Jeez! Chris Rock Says He Watched ‘Emancipation’ To “Watch Will Smith Get WHIPD”

The actor Chris Rock made a joke involving Will Smith and your movie’Emancipation: A Story of Freedom‘ during a stand-up in Baltimore. (via Decide).

During the presentation, when addressing the controversy that occurred in the Oscar 2022where Will Smith slapped me Chris Rock after making fun of his wife, Jada Pinkett-Smiththe star said he watched ‘Emancipation‘ only to see Smith get whipped. In the film, the actor plays a slave who flees through the swamps of Louisiana to avoid being killed by his owners.

“The other day I watched Emancipation just so I could see him whipped”Rock said.

“People want to know…did it hurt? Definitely yes! It hurt. He pulled a Muhammad Ali! And I went from Pookie”continued the actor, referring to his 1991 film, ‘New Jack City‘. “Even in animated movies, I’m a zebra, and he’s a damn shark!”

Meanwhile, last Wednesday (01), Will Smith received a special honor for his work on the same film,’Emancipation: A Story of Freedom‘, for the AAFCA Awardsan award organized by Black Film Critics AssociationIn Los Angeles.

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Smith said during the acceptance speech that the feature was the most difficult of his career, and that he really enjoyed working with the Apple TV+ because it was the first time in his career that he had heard a studio say that “the story told was more important than how much it cost to get it done”.

See the moment when Will Smith receives the honor:

Remember the trailer for ‘Emancipation: A Story of Liberade‘, available at Apple TV+:

The story is based on the ultimate true story of Peter (Smith), a slave whose whipped back went viral in 1863. Peter was an escaped slave from a plantation in Louisiana owned by John and Bridget Lyons, and was brutally whipped by one of the plantation guards that nearly killed him. He then decided to flee North, joining the Union Army. When Peter showed it to the doctors during a medical examination, they took pictures of his scars and one of the pictures was published in the Independent newspaper in May of the same year – and in Harper Weekly a week later.

The image went around the world and was exposed as proof of the cruelty inflicted on slaves in the United States, solidifying the abolitionist cause and inducing many free blacks to join the Union to fight against southern racists.

Directed by Antonine Fuqua (‘Training Day’), the film was acquired by apple per US$120 million for display rights.

Bill Collage (‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’) signs the script, which is described as a mixture of ‘apocalypto‘ It is ‘The Return‘.

Smith also joins as a producer alongside James Lassiter, Jon Mone, Joey McFarland It is Todd Black. Fuqua will executive produce along with Cliff Roberts.

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