jee advanced exam tips: JEE Advanced: Follow these smart tips to prepare for JEE, you will get success – jee advanced exam preparation tips, know how to crack

How To Crack JEE Advanced: Students who are dreaming of getting admission in IITs are working hard at this time as JEE Advanced Exam 2021 will be conducted across the country on 3rd October. In which the students who have passed the JEE Mains exam will appear for the exam. Only less than a month is left for JEE Advanced exam, due to which students are working day and night to prepare for this exam and must have almost completed their syllabus. So let’s know the important tips for JEE.

JEE Advanced will have 2 papers
There will be two papers in JEE Advanced, in which questions will be asked from Physics, Chemistry and Maths. This exam will be through computer based test. Both the first and second paper of the exam will be held on October 3. The first paper will be held from 9 am to 12 noon and the second from 2.30 to 5.30 pm.

Mock Test
Taking mock tests is very important in JEE Advanced exam preparation, it plays a vital role in making you familiar with the pattern of the paper as well as checking your strong and weak areas. Students are advised to take mock tests to analyze their preparation and give the right exam. It is advisable to do test analysis after each mock test for improvement.
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Time Management
If your time management is bad in preparing for any exam then you cannot be successful. So always remember that all students have 24 hours in a day. According to experts, 5-6 hours of serious study in a day is necessary to crack JEE Advanced.

Speed ​​And Accuracy Required
Students get limited time to answer all the questions in the exam. For this you have to maintain a constant speed but don’t forget the accuracy it will help you to score more marks. There is negative marking in the exam so keep that in mind too. Accuracy will come with practicing questions in limited time.

don’t start anything new
Read only the topics which you have studied so far, starting a new topic will increase your confusion. By revising the topics whose topics you have understood well, the concept will be completely clear. Remove your weaknesses in the things you have already studied.
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Read NCERT Books
You also know that the syllabus in JEE Mains came from NCERT books. In such a situation, it will be beneficial to read from NCERT books in JEE Advanced as well. Make and read study notes with the help of these books.

Exam Pattern (JEE Exam Pattern)
The question paper of JEE Advanced exam will be divided into three sections Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Therefore main attention should be given to the following topics.
Mathematics – Quadratic Equations and Expressions, Complex Numbers, Probability, Area and 3D Geometry, Circles in Matrix Coordinate Geometry in Algebra, Parabola, Hyperbola Functions in Calculus, Limits, Continuity and Differentiability, Applications of Definition, Integral.
Physics- mechanics, fluids, heat and thermodynamics, waves and sound, capacitors and electrostatics, magnetics, electromagnetic induction, optics and modern physics.
Chemistry – Complete with qualitative analysis, coordination chemistry and chemical inorganic chemistry, electrochemistry, thermodynamics, chemical equilibrium in chemical chemistry and organic chemistry as one of the subjects.

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