Jean-Paul Gaultier, bad juror in Dance with the stars? Fauve Hautot’s unmistakable reaction

For its big comeback on our screens, Dance with the stars implemented many changes. To begin with, new rules were incorporated into the program, which gave a great power to the members of the jury throughout the season. Precisely, concerning the jury, it has been almost entirely revised. Indeed, besides Chris Marques, these are only new faces who agreed to rate the candidates each week, namely the quadruple champion of the show Denitsa Ikonomova, François Alu and Jean-Paul Gaultier. The designer gave us the pleasure of joining the adventure but, if he is undoubtedly a big name in fashion, he is not necessarily in dance …

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Jean-Paul Gaultier has also often found himself at the heart of criticism on social networks … “Every week I will say that but Jean-Paul Gaultier annoys me, he does not know how to note“, “QWhen do we think of eliminating JeanPaul Gaultier of the jury too?“, “Most JeanPaul Gaultier he is a tourist, he is in summer camp mode“, “I still can’t figure out what JeanPaul Gaultier made in DALS“, can we read on Twitter.

Unfounded and unfair criticisms according to Fauve Hautot. The dancer who teamed up with Tayc this season didn’t hesitate to stand up for her during an interview for Star TV, published this November 20, 2021. “It’s always easy to criticize. I saw his show and some of his parades: he has a real knowledge, a director’s eye. He is not a ballroom technician, but that is not what we ask him. He is more in the show, the feelings that a dance brings to him. Yes, it is legitimate. Yes, it has its place!“, she assured.

This question of legitimacy, Jean-Paul Gaultier had asked himself before joining the jury. Finally, he gladly accepted the idea that his role would simply be “complementary”.

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