Jean-Michel Maire: a big mistake on the cover of his book? The columnist of "TPMP" have to explain!

Friends, I’m pulling out my memoirs. So yes, I’m still young, but I thought it would be easier to write them in my lifetime.“. This is what Jean-Michel Maire announced to his fans this week. The former war reporter who became a columnist for Cyril Hanouna in Touche pas à mon poste, publishes a funny book, entitled “Memoirs of a happy loser“, of which his boss explains: “He missed everything, except this book“.

On the Web, many fans realized that the title had been misspelled since in English, losing it is written “loser“. Jean-Michel Maire answered them: “I see everyone getting excited over the two loser o’s in my book. So yes it was done on purpose because with only one o it means unstable, which suits me enough, and that if I had only put one, as many people would have told me that two were needed“.

Bad decisions, errors, approximations, small victories and big failures

With a sharp pen, Benjamin Castaldi’s colleague explains that he could have been “pilot, model, musician, wreck searcher, star dancer, emeritus rider, world ski champion, politician, TV presenter” but that he missed it all… with mad grace and a lot of optimism. If he has of course had some hard knocks, and inevitable depressions, Jean-Michel Maire is pleased to have had “a thousand opportunities to have fun, to meet exciting people and to live several love and professional lives”.

He had two children, he says: Romain and Mina, who succeed in everything, and who are his only success, even if he willingly admits that he has not “always wanted to prioritize his family life“.

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In “Memoirs of a happy loser“, Jean-Michel Maire has compiled anecdotes about his “bad decisions, mistakes, approximations, small wins and big failures” which really happened to him. He admits to having missed “countless trains bound for success”and having kept his hands in his pockets warm, while remaining invariably optimistic.

He is the “happiest of men”

Indeed, after 60 years, the man with salt and pepper hair supports him, he is the “happiest of men”. And explain: “I tell myself that I would be in no position to complain as I had the chance to live, as a great reporter for the written press and then as a TV columnist, a number of experiences as enriching as they are fascinating”.


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