Jean-Marie Périer pays tribute to his "dad" and takes the opportunity to knock out his "progenitor"Henry Salvador!

Between Jean-Marie Périer and his parent, Henri Salvador, it’s not a great love… Indeed, the most famous photographer of stars has never hidden it, and proves it even today through numerous interviews and statements in which he descends on his father whom he met late in life. This Friday, August 5, the one who admitted to being still in love with Julie Andrieu released a new tackle against the artist who died in February 2008, on his Instagram account.

It is actually by paying homage to the man who raised him, and whom he considers his real father, that Jean-Marie Périer expressed his anger towards Henri Salvador. “My father François Périer and I in the 60s”, he writes at first in the caption of a nostalgic shot in which he appears alongside the one he considers his real father. The photographer goes on to explain what the posted photo inspires in him. “A song by the band “Crosby Stills and Nash”he confides before indicating the reasons: “First of all, it probably represents the happiest period of my life. Total freedom, carried away by a musical movement that shook the world, I see myself driving my Mustang going from one summer tour to another. to find all those young and beautiful faces”.

His education would not have been the same with his parent

In the rest of his text, the one who constantly says that Henri Salvador was not “a good person”evokes his education which would probably not have been the same with his parent. “My father and I had two completely different worlds, but he always let me go where I wanted by encouraging me, constantly, to shoot in my films, that is to say, he who had worked with the most great, from Cocteau to Melville, via Fellini”he recalls.

The photographer of the stars finally concludes by “having fun” imagining his life if he had spent it with his parent. And according to his observation, it would not have been so joyful. “Believe me, it wouldn’t have been the same dance at all. Certainly I would certainly have been a musician, but knowing the model well, I can assure you that he would never have put me before him”he laments before concluding: “I’m sorry if I dwell on it, but not a day goes by that I don’t think of my father, at any hour, without warning, I miss him and I thank him again for the trip”.

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