Jean-Marie Bigard on a freewheel: Wandering hands, stolen kiss… Close approximation with a chronicler of "TPMP"

For several days, Jean-Marie Bigard officiates as a columnist in Do not touch My TV on C8 ! On the air, the comedian pulls out thunderous punchlines. Moreover, he always has in stock countless jokes that amuse the audience immensely! This Wednesday, November 16, 2022, Cyril Hanouna orchestrated a new number of the show.

As usual, Lino and Bianca’s dad was in a good mood. Thus, he asked his team to shine in dance! Valérie Benaïm and Benjamin Castaldi have therefore opened the ball! In the aftermath, Delphine Wespiser and Matthieu Delormeau also set the dancefloor on fire. In the same way as Guillaume Genton and Gilles Verdez. For his part, Jean-Marie Bigard teamed up with Danielle Moreau to stand out from the others.

A shocking duo

“For this ongoing dance competition, this is the new place here really where couples form,” released Cyril Hanouna not without humor. Facing the camera, the darling of Lola Marois and his sidekick had the merit of unleashing passions. We can say that the duo gave their all on the alluring song “Lady Marmalade”. Very quickly, the main interested parties also became tactile.

Both seemed overwhelmed by their performance. To mark the occasion, Jean-Marie Bigard and Danielle Moreau even exchanged a chaste kiss under the dumbfounded gaze of Cyril Hanouna. Unsurprisingly, the sequence sparked many reactions on social networks: “ But what Darka […]. How good is it to laugh. That’s the TV we love. You are all crazy”, “Ah great, the duo that everyone has been waiting for for months” “It’s the best duo. I love tonight. It starts well”, “Winning couple”, “Congratulations to the whole team every night, I’m watching you. And you’re all great.”


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