Jean-Luc Reichmann, owner "very boring" : are his collaborators resigning by the shovel?

In a long interview, the one who is about to celebrate the 12th anniversary of 12 noon shots, on TF1, reveals behind the scenes of this enormous machine … including its perfectionism.

“I’m very boring. I challenge my collaborators but they stay. I’ve been working with the same ones for more than twenty years, and some even since Z’amours, on France 2”warned Jean-Luc Reichmann, to Cable Sat Hebdo.

The main interested party also spoke of the passage of time and claims not to feel any weariness: “I tell myself that at 61, I’ve never been so well in my life. TF1 gives me royal peace. I don’t feel like I’m working. I always have fun. It’s like the endorphins: the more you exercise, the more you need them!”

Finally, Jean-Luc Reichmann, who is one of the favorite TV hosts of the French with Nagui and Stéphane Plaza, spoke about his “steel mind” who always impresses those close to him. “When I was young, I practiced karate at a very high level. I learned to fight mentally, never to let go. A teacher nicknamed me ‘the task’ because of my red stain. on the nose. I was a different kid but I thought I was going to fight.”

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