Jean-Luc Reichmann annoyed: the host of the 12 blows of noon makes a terrible blunder in front of a candidate

This Tuesday, January 11, 2022, a new candidate from “12 strokes of noon” had the chance to win the famous trophy. Henrick, originally from Hauts-de-France, made a remarkable appearance on the set of the famous TF1 show. Unfortunately, the departure of the Armentiérois aroused hilarity. And this, because of a monumental blunder made by Jean-Luc Reichmann. During the game, the contestant was challenged by Evan to a duel. Faced with the young man in his twenties, the host could not help but encourage Henrick. To do this, Nathalie Lecoultre’s husband launched: “Who do they take us for these 20-year-old kids ?!” “

A statement that the participant in the show immediately noted by adding: “These little young people there …” Faced with the reaction of the candidate, the presenter therefore tried to bounce back by evoking an aspect of his private life. “Have you been retired for a long time?” “, he asked. To which Henrick replied: “No, I’m still working”. An error which did not fail to make react the members present on the set. Especially since the voiceover of the show added: “But no, it’s not possible! “

Aware of having lacked tact, Jean-Luc Reichmann quickly apologized. “I’m sorry Henrick”, he said while dropping to his knees in front of the candidate. “It is your wife who is retired, you told me, retired nurse” said the host in order to catch up. “But do I look like my wife?” She’s retired, I’m still working. “ The interpreter of Léo Mattei therefore tried to find out more: “And do you still work for a long time?” “ A question to which the new midday master answered cash: “It depends if I win or if I lose”.

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