Jean-Luc Crucke: “I said to myself that by sending me to a noble institution, I was being silenced” (video)

“I said I would go to the Constitutional Court but I may have been given a lot of time (note: since then, last January). These six months allowed me to meet people, to read and to tell myself that, no doubt, by sending me to this noble institution that is the Constitutional Court, they would silence me. I don’t want to be silent. I want to fight on what I find essential, ”he said on Bel RTL.

Relations between the president of the Francophone Liberals and the former minister were strained before the latter’s resignation. They had particularly deteriorated following a “fairer” tax decree project, drawn up by Jean-Luc Crucke but contested by Georges-Louis Bouchez and some of the MR deputies.

For his part, Denis Ducarme, former candidate for the presidency of the party against Georges-Louis Bouchez, welcomed Jean-Luc Crucke’s commitment to make proposals within the MR in favor of a less carbon-intensive economy.

“As president of the Hainaut federation of MR, this announcement is mathematically good news, given the thousands of votes that Jean-Luc achieves in his district”, he added, questioned by the “Libre Belgique” .

For Mr. Ducarme, the return of Jean-Luc Crucke is “positive for the internal debate within the MR, a formation which positions itself from the center to the right. Since the internal campaign for the presidency of the MR, what makes our richness is our diversity. It is together that we are the strongest… A political movement is a collective good and not the plaything of a single person,” he said.

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